When You Can’t Leave the House …

… because of Corona virus lockdown, and live starts to get boring, it’s time to spice up your relationship:

Pheeew 🙂 Good to see the great Carl still in action on Twitter. I thought they’ve banned his Chinese arse a couple weeks ago?

Carl Zha



      • For some reason it wasn’t working. It would only display a photo (unusual, so I tried several times). I had to click outside the pic, to get it to launch the twitter post. But then it showed the account, not the specific post (again, odd), so I had to go scrolling for it.

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        • There are two graphics in my post, first is the twat with video, second be just a portrait of our modern day hero Carl Zha, political analyst and clown.
          Uhmmmm, maybe … just maybe … you know … there’s always … ummm … Linux for you. Usually getting rid off all the probs in the fukn world.


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