Second Life’s Lab Gab – Episode 13 – One Billion Rising Tour with Kess Crystal

Pretty happy to present this special episode of LabGab. It features your fellow Orcablog reader Kess Crystal, who’s Glamoursauce blog I also follow and like religiously.

Lab Gab is a live streaming show that showcases events, destinations, and different talents across Second Life. Tune in on February 14th at 8am PT Details here:…
Links to topics discussed in this episode:
Keep an eye on the Second Life blog and social media for future announcements about the show:
Lab Gab is streamed live on:
Now you probably  know how your editrix thinks about RL events and protests brought into Second Life – not thinking much of them. I guess the topic of One Billion Rising is much  too serious to translate into the mostly silly world of SL. When we bitches have yet another dance party and arts exhibition it won’t change anything for the sad fates of all the mistreated women. 😦, it’s a well-meant but hapless event I think. But in the end I hope all the participating girls had a lot of fun and the good feeling they actually did something to help their fellow women. Just by dancing! Isn’t that great? That’s activism made light for beginners. 🙂

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