If There’s a Pickle …

… Americans surely get into it. And Russians have to get them out.

Let’s face it: Nobody wants to have American troops occupying their country!

“Occupied”? By the Syrian Army in fukn Syria???

That Coalition Statement is factually as wrong as it’s typical for USArmy propaganda efforts. And what coalition? That was USArmy standing alone against humanity! Their one coalition partner, the Syrian Army had stopped the convoy, obviously to check their papers or something, and their other coalition partner, the Russians, had to help extract the American convoy out of a unfortunate but self-inflicted situation.

The Syrian Army otoh is very welcome in their own country. Notice the difference?

“What happened next is sketchy. A standoff ensued, some reports say the villagers stoned the US convoy and the Americans returned live fire, killing one of the villagers. The Pentagon says its troops were fired on first. Other reports say the Americans then called in an airstrike on the village, while some say the Americans merely called in the aircraft to circle over the village. What is certain is that eventually the Russians arrived and after a while longer the Americans withdrew.”

Watch less than stellar human beings in action 😦

Voice 1: Look, he’s firing

Voice 2: Who?

Voice 3: American

Voice 1: Where is he firing? He’s firing at a house. There is a machine gun (in the house). It (machine gun) fires above.

Voice 2: … at the turret (of the US vehicle)

Voice 1: Wat Americans are doing… blockhead fighters…. dumbfucks

Voice 3: They are bringing ‘peace’

Voice 4: What does he want?

Voice 1: Don’t open. There was no order to open.

Voice 4: Nobody will understand.

Voice 5: He’s moving close. There is nobody to go. His vehicle…

Voice 1: He (a local) also threw gasoline at it.

Voice 4. Dumbfucks. And you are saying why all (locals hate them). 

Voice 1: Look fire (by small arms)

Sound of the fighter jet

Voice 3: Air support. F-16 or something

Voice 4: It’s moving closer. It’s there

Voice 1: What’s the caliber?

Voice 3: 12.7mm apparently

What we, as mere bystanders, take away from the whole Syrian conflict is that all in all it was mostly the Russian and Syrian forces who took up the fight against ISIS. Americans were mostly in the way and even hindered their “partners” during the fight. Remember ISIS anyone, the original target of the operation? At least that’s what we’ve been told.

That ISIS = USA and the target of the whole rebellion/war has always been to destabilize Assad and the independant, healthy Syria, didn’t help America and cronies to gain any friends. They should be happy that Russia is stupid enough to help their American friends in times of trouble. 😉


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