Why Orca Doesn’t Use Chrome

Perfectly happy Chrome users 🙂
Chrome = Google
Chrome leads to clinical depression

Chrome is owned by Google, so what did you expect, you stupid @$$holes?

Google just gives you a browser from the godness of their heart? That you won’t be made a commodity, not be spied upon, your private data not be sold?

Chrome user finds out he’s been duped. 😮

You know there’s always the good old Firefox. It’s made and curated by the Mozilla Foundation. Sounds good, but they are kinda moneygrabbing assholes too. At least they’ve tried a couple times. But since Firefox is Free and Open Source Software there are always thousands of eyeballs on the code, taking care nobody abuses the power of the fox!

Also, Firefox Add-ons (equivalent to Google’s extensions) are indeed really helpful and keep you save!



    • LOL! Too bad I’m a teatotaller and won’t even touch any alcohol at all. Was never a big drinker, apart from the occasional sailing and bonfire beer. Didn’t even drink wine, and champagne only for cheering at birthdays. But anyhoo, can’t do much about facial recognition, other than not using any webcams, but can actively avoid Google’s spyware.
      Yes, I know … YouTube. 😦 But let me at least indulge in one little guilty pleasure. =^.^=

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    • I told you, Renard, Google is my guilty pleasure. Or wait, no, not even that. It’s Orca’s guilty pleasure, a persona that only exists temporary and only in the confines of a certain web address. Orca ain’t a consumer of real world goods and doesn’t show any real world behaviour that Google’s web analytics can use in a profitable way.
      Indeed do I receive only a miniscule amount of advertising to her email acc.
      And the real world bish isn’t any less boring. Most the stuff she buys comes from scrapyards, second hand shops, China Town, industry outlet stores and stuff like that.

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    • Oh! 😮 What issues did you have with a simple web browser? Did you know that FF is the closest and truest in projecting websites as they are meant to be viewed, while all the others interprete the web protocol rather freely?
      And why do you need more than one adblocker? All the kool kidz – and Orcsi too – are using uBlock Origin. One application – no more ads! Like ever!

      You should use YouTube, it’s huge brainless fun. There are good channels, and bad ones. And all videos have a comment section for trolls to troll. 🙂

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