What about Firefox, though? 🔥🦊🔥

Hey Awesomites,

sum of ju guyz still on Chrome/Chromium based browsarrrs? Please don’t be. And also please don’t listen to me and bin Chrome just coz Orca say so. 😮

Much rather listen to Gardiner, a.k.a. The Linux Gamer, he knows wot he’s talkin bout. And then after you’ve watchered the widdioh, you will wanna kick your funky but evil Krome in da bin and install much besterer Firefux!

Here we go!!!

Got it now?

And btw, Orcsi uses Firefox indeed since the 90s, when it was still called Netscape and was the bestest brousah in the universe … which it still is today!

Look how Orcsi personalized her Fux in the simplest, most humble way …


Now go forth and be awesome!



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