Tom Reblogged My Linux Mint Tutorial … in Spanish!

And more, he wrote a whole new story around it and made lots of useful links. And in return I translated his blogstory back to English. Kinda funny thing with Tom being a natural Spanish speaker and me a German we both manage quite ok-ish to converse in English but when it’s about reading his blog I really really need to instrumentalize fuxn Google’s help. :/

Anyhoo, here is Tom’s Story as it appears to Google’s translation service. I guess it’s quite ok, only that Google isn’t too sure if the cartoon figure “Orca” is a girl or a boy. Well, last I checked the avie, as well as the RL puppet player, were both female thankyouverymuch.

Too much honour for the scribbles of a silly little cartoon girl <o.o>

And, btw, I’m not finished with the series, was just busy with other stuff in the last couple days. I will make at least one more article about customizing the system and add/remove softwares/apps to/from it. Because, as good and nifty as Mint is, it can always be gooderer. And since it’s Linux we just make it so!


Tom Marrero Ortiz



  1. 🤔 Hmm. All of those naked pictures of Orca. One would assume that Google would have known that Orca was a female by now.

    Also, it is nice to know that Tom Marrero Ortiz reblogged your Linux Mint tutorial.

    When I first saw the title, I thought it was Tom from “Switched To Linux”.

    Oh, well. Nicely done, Orca!

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    • No, not the Switched Tom but the one relevant for this bloggo!
      And actually, when you look at Second Life avies from a pure technical POV, they’re just a bunch of pixels on your screen. And pixels don’t have a gender or do they? I zoomed into Orca’s noggin and found out she doesn’t even have a brain, so she’s a brainless bimbo. 😮


  2. Thank you, Orca, for the reblog and for the tutorial. I edited a word in my post so that Google Translate does the translation to “Orca wrote in a blog” instead of “Orca wrote in his blog”. Unfortunately, the translator is not perfect. Thanks again.

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