South Korea? Of All Places. Really?

How dare they???

South Korea, or as it it is better known as “America’s little bitch”, an artificial wannabe country and 100% property of the United States – and they gonna betray America’s very own Microsoft corp? Searching for freedom and less infiltration/spying?

Are they fukn nutz?

Have they forgotten how America protected them from the evil commie North Korea and the evil commie Chinks, and gave them a good oldfashioned dictatorship instead? And that’s how they show their gratitude?

Azzholes! 😦

North Korean combatants in Seoul during the Korean War.

See the pic above? North Korean army in Seoul! Would’ve never happened if the USA hadn’t vetoed the peace agreement between North and South Korea and restarted the war. Why are the South Koreans not more appreciative of that fact and buy more American software?



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