A Thought About Prims

The good old prim. Isn’t it sad … and stupid? Even LEGO blocks for kidz 3 y/o and older are more fun and usable. How good that they were kinda superceded, first by sculpties, now by mesh. The stuff we can buy on the marketplace today is soooo so so much betterer than anything we could ever achieve with prims, and saves a lot of Land Impact. All good.
Look at Orca’s latest primbuilding. Blocky, primitive, without any raffinesse, just shitty crapola. She can get much better mesh builds from the Marketplace for little money and sometimes even for free. Stuff made by professional modelers, using the latest softwares available. This ain’t an option for little Orcsi and hundreds of thousands of other SL residents.
But where is the fun in buying all the mesh stuff? It just doesn’t compare to the joy of camping out in a sandbox and build your own shit, the best you can. Will the results always be good? Naaw, in Orca’s case it’ll even be shit. But that’s not what really counts, or is it? The old DIY spirit of the early SL times, the many many residents dabbling around with prims, torturing them into crazy shapes, texturing them with piratized Half Life textures, and creating more or less useful space ships, garden sheds, sailboats, cars and fashion items. That was what made SL great in the first place, what made it grow beyond any expectations. The fact that you lived in a selfmade world, everything made by residents. It seems those times are gone now, replaced by cold hearted capitalism. And that’s why people are quitting SL in droves, that’s what SL will eventually die from. 😦



  1. You can actually build bat shit crazy mesh stuff with FreeCAD. The learning curve is steep but al in all it is way more intuitive than blender. I now just learn blender to texture my stuff.

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    • “The learning curve is steep”
      There it is, there you have it: Steep! Learning! = Not for Orca. No time for learning.
      Also FreeCAD is obviously to be used offline, out of world. I wanna build. In world. And see the results right away and change and mod everything in real time. Not doing some drawings in a CAD program. If it’s about easy some people I know are using that Google stuff, what’s it called? SketchUp or so?
      Said to be easy to use.


      • Google sold it’s stuff, the current licencing that comes with SketchUp allows no commercial use whatsoever of any derivates. As you have to grant LL the rights to use everything you upload for commercial purposes … and the SKetchup licence does not grant you the ability to grant someone else those rights…

        … better get a lawyer if you intend to touch SketchUp. I won’t touch it that si why I went with FreeCAD (which also has primitives, I got pretty far with watching only 5 unstructional videos so far)

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  2. “I wanna build. In world. And see the results right away and change and mod everything in real time.” Thank you for saying what so many of us are thinking. I, too, want to do my building inworld – my imagination, my creation, inworld. I do not care if it is not as perfect as mesh.
    Linden Lab worries about traffic stats in Second Life; traffic dramatically decreased when the creation process left Second Life. Why should anyone come inworld at all when they can create offworld and then sell it on Marketplace?

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    • Zackly Kyng, zackerly! Remember when SL’s motto was sumfink like “Your World, Your Imagination” or sumsuch? Not much left of that old spirit, isn’t it? And the new creative class of professional creators … I guess you’re right. Why should they even log in world anymore? Most of them don’t even have physical sticks n bricks stores, so they don’t even have to be in world to load their vendors or build stores. They have their hired photographers to do the fashion shots for them, so really, all that’s left in SL are the poor consumers who think any of those huge shopping events are really events. 😦
      It’s sad. And I guess the problem started much earlier, when those marketplace-like websites appeared and nobody had to be inworld anymore. Neither the creator, nor the buyer. When LL bought out that MP-like thing (I forgot the name now) and made their own marketplace from it, they sealed their own downfall with that single move.


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