Quote of the Decade!

A friend of ours, a burned child, a typical MGTOW guy, about women:

“… das ist doch so wie mit Elefanten – beeindruckend anzusehen…
aber haben möchte man ihn nicht.”

Losely translated: “Women are like elephants – impressive to look at … but you don’t want one at home.”

😮 Which means even more losely translated: Girls, if you want one of the few remaining guys, willing to put up with you, please fold up the toilet seat after you’ve finished your business!



    • No, I laughed when I saw it. Found it quite a creative little twist on the old m/f trope. I also know quite well, that most boys are perfectly happy living alone in their mancaves, quite contrary to most females who don’t strive too well on their own. So maybe it is time for some girls to compromise.


        • Really it shouldn’t. But I know quite enough of my fellow bitches who yell at guys when they leave the seat up. Only lately some of them started making the same demands on wimmin, to fold it up after they finished. 😉
          For me it’s the same, only takes a split second to adjust to anyone’s personal preference. 🙂


          • As I understand it, the issue is women using the toilet at night without turning on a light, and “falling in”. I have decent night vision or turn on a light so NBD to me!
            I laugh at most of the crap couples fight over… prob because I’m not part of a couple!

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            • Well, I am … and we fight. But not over stupid crap like that. And I always turn on the light when I wander around the house at night. Why do you think other wimmin don’t? Is much too spooky without light and only the moonlight casting some suspicious shadows. You know the indigenous people here have a whole plethora of ghosts, mostly their elders influencing the living. Of course hubs and me don’t believe in such mumpitz but you never know, so better don’t stumble over them at 3 o’clock in the early morn.


              • Yeah… I’m a turn on the light person too. Because of living alone and sleeping better in light, my hall light is on 24/7. The last guy I was seeing would turn it off and I really had to talk myself down from the paranoia it caused me, remembering that I wasn’t alone.

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                • Ugh noooo. House is dark at night. Saving energy and the planet n shit. Only when I stagger sleep-drunk to the loo, I switch on the light.


                  • I use low energy bulbs and very little electronics (my electricity bills are FAR below average) so I don’t feel bad for burning 1 light all night in order to feel safe. Much better than having a break-in or not seeing someone inside!

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  1. So glad to see others with the same thought: Why the hell is it only the guys that have to put the seat back?
    Why does the seat have to go back after each one at all? The guy finishes and leaves the bathroom. The girl comes in and puts the seat down. The guy comes in and puts the seat up. And on and on infinitum. As for darkness… I always just check real fast by feeling. I mean, we wash our hands later anyways, right?! LOL

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    • And not to forget guys are using the loo at least 3 times as much as we do. It’s the beer. They can hold it a while but then, after the first weewee, it’s like “the seal is broken” and they have to run every 5 minutes. 😮

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    • “Why the hell is it only the guys that have to put the seat back?”
      I can help you with that important question: Because we females are wonderful, flawless and perfect human beings, and our stuff is far more important than the useless boys’ useless shit. So toilet seat down I say!!!!
      And in case didn’t you notice that your shit (number 2) don’t stink? In fact no woman’s shit ever stinks. Our sweet little poopsies smell of roses. So in the toilet we are boss level!


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