Zorin 15.1 – An Alternative for Windows and MacOS Users?


Guys, I like the Old Tech Bloke, like really liking him and his videos. And this time he stumbled over some thing I did as well.

It makes no sense. Not for me, not for anyone. An alternative for Windows and MacOS would be Windows and MacOS. Because there is no 1:1 alternative in the Linux world. There doesn’t need to be an alternative. Zorin is a GNU/Linux operating system, pure and true. Based on Ubuntu I guess. And I was complaining about this sort of false advertising already a couple times in this blog, didn’t I?

Zorin comes with some desktops that were styled to be looking like some sort of Windows version. That’s all. Really. Nothing special. If the Zorin devs are so ashamed of their Linux background, why don’t they fukn stick with WinApple then, huh?

As most of you have found out by now. Linux Mint i.e. is operated by keybaord and mouse/touchpad as well. As is Windows and as is MacOS. Of course all the functions are not always in the same spots as they are on Windows … but same is true for Windows! Or do you find all the stuff from Win3.1 at the same location in Win 10? No, eh? Because Win10 is a completely different OS from Win3.1 So what do  some users expect when they swap to another different OS? Why would it even look remotely like Win10???

But even for the least creative, least adventurous weaklings and cowards Linux has some easy to grasp and fitting stuff. I.e. Linux Mint. So  really there is no need to stuff some money into the Zorin maker’s faces!



    • Yes, 50% of them are. 🙂 Buuuut, as much as I love Mint (as much as any other girl), you and I, we gotta accept some weaknesses and unneeded annoyances and nuisances coming with Mint, that I simply bypass by transferring my computer shit over to ArchLinux. =^.^=
      First being the Ubuntu base, second all the well-meaning but completely useless timeshift nonsense. They’re turning into a nanny state. 😮 Oh, and the third of my two pet peeves, I’m not fluid in Debian/Ubuntu/Mint terminal jargon. In Arch I, with my very limited savvy, can work wonderz, in Mint I can work shit. 😦


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