What Will We Watch?

Quality Torrents

Howdy fellow audiovisual entertainment freaks connoiseurs,

as you know and like I’ve told you repeatedly I’m a pirate of distinction. Yes, I could watch movies, and write my silly reviews about them, already weeks earlier but but but … see hubby and me are no teenies anymore, we’ve got time to wait for the right stuff and we’re not into suffering through some shitty pirated movie, filmed with a cellphone off some grainy cinema screen in some muslimistan hellhole. We insist on quality, ripped off official Blu-ray discs or from streaming services. 1080p rules! Fuk the kiddieshit, we wait for quality!

And by now we’re old enough to not just watch every money-grabbing Disney-Pixar-Lucas-Marvel shite anymore. So you’re able to guess which of those four movies I’m gonna review next and which I’ll probably give a pass. 🙂

Ad Astra is certified as wurstest flick of 2019 already, so sorry Brad, see ya maybe in the next one.

21 Bridges looks and feels like the most ho-hum cookie cutter bad police/good police thriller ever. Thanks but no thanks.

Avengers Endgame looks like the last dozen of Avenger movies, so  probably a huge CGI spectacle, the world and the whole universe in grave danger … and we’re supposed to go like “Oooooh” and “Aaaaw!” and “Look, the FX studio uses the latest Intel chips and the freshest version of Blender (for Linux), what a super duper movie!” Sorry, not gonna happen, not gonna lookywatchy that stuff. Sorry ScarJo, you know I’m a fangurl, so maybe if you can get into some decent movies for once, I’ll be all over you again. 😉

Splendid machine but doesn’t convert bad flicks into good movies: Mac Pro :/

So, that leaves one movie of the recent line-up of fresh material: House of flying Daggers Knives Out, by Ruin Johnson. Mhm, yes, that guy, the Star Wars killer! It’s allegedly very very good, has a stelllar cast and shows Johnson at his A-game. So, yes, that file has just finished rolling into my computer and, as usual, I’m gonna let you know what I think of the movie. Tomorrow or so …

Laterz haterz and gatorz




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