Put Linux Mint on Your Computer – Pt. III

Hello and welcome again … and sorry for not posting yesterday. You still good? Played a bit around in your new Linux Mint system? Cinnamon is an easy desktop, no? No hidden shit, everything pretty straight forward and approachable, right.

So you’re probably already much ahead of were I am now. You must understand I never really worked or spent any time in Cinnamon, so for me this is all pretty new as well and I gotta feel my way around.

But let’s see how I fared …

The standard Cinnamon desktop after starting Linux Mint. Nothing new.
I guess I don’t need to explain how to use your web browser, right? This is the web’s standard browser, Firefox, as used by 9999.999% of all computer users. And standard issue with Linux Mint. 😉 So you know. Much more important for us is to find out if we can log our sexy avies into Second Life, so I’m doing exactly that …
… and since this ain’t a practical and fast and easy ArchLinux we gotta download the viewer installation file from their respective homepage. In my case I went to Singularity since I’m a basic bish.
After much too much clueless clickery, finally the fukn viewer starts up …
… and shows me a completely dressed Orca. No, really! It’s just my fukn piss poor Acer netbook, doesn’t show me as I really am.
Not even 10 minutes later and I’m showing almost dressed and with half my hair and being brushed off by Trappy, who has obviously better things to do than chatting with her biggest fan. 😮
So I log out and notice there are updates available for me. No panic, peepels, this is just because Mint is so freshly installed. In the long run these updates won’t appear very often and you’ll have your peace and quiet.

Okeeeee … now I have a confession to make.

My plan was to show you how easily and without the use of a stupid Terminal we can install some additional software that we’s love to have. And also uninstall stuff we won’t need or deem as not fancy enuff for posh us. But this stinkin’ Acer fuktop really pisses me off now. It’s so slooooow and laggy and the keyboard is so bad I wasn’t able to do anything without the one or other nervous breakdown, so I gave up for today. As I told you this Cinnamon desktop is kinda new playground for me as well and as much as I love snoopin’ around for stuff, with hardware this bad, sorry, I don’t have the patience for this. It’s roundabout meltin’ temperature outside and I’ve gotta give some love/water to the garden and skinning taters for tonight’s dinner.

So I’m gonna cut it short today


… at this point the second planned blackout of the day shut down the computer and kicked Orcsi out of the interwebz for 2 hours, until she could reboot just a couple minutes ago. Anyhoo, I was just trying to tell you that I was about to end the post anyway and come back tomorrow.





    • Buuut, Xfce is even worserer than Cinnamon and only my 3rd choice when it comes to DE’s, Renard. Doing stuff in Xfce takes 3 times as long as in Cinnamon for me, so not really an alternative. Xfce is a hatefully neglected VW Bug compared to Cinnamon’s Mercedes Diesel.
      Usually when we go to Germany and I only have the fukn Acer for some weeks, I put some ArchLinux with Mate on it. It’s reasonably fast. So, if I were to show an alternative desktop in my series, it be Mate rather than it’s stupider, older brother Xfce.
      But using any of them would defeat the purpose of my series, as I wanted to show my readers how Mint works in its most standard and unaltered state. And that is, love it or leave it, including their own bespoke Cinnamon desktop. This is what you get when you just wanna have Mint.
      Let’s not forget I’m writing for the last holdouts, the hardcore Windows users here. People who still use Windows in 2020 and are not used to the concept of various working environments and free choice.So when we talk about Linux Mint we’re actually talking about Linux Mint-Cinnamon.

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      • 🙂 Oh well, in that case, you might as well continue to use Linux Mint’s flagship desktop, Cinnamon.

        I would like to recommend that you reduce the swappiness from the default 60 to 10 (That should help the system to move a bit freely).

        I wish you the best of luck on your next Linux Mint tutorial.

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        • But but but … I’m not using Mint. I admit Mint was my first system, and I chose the Xfce desktop since it was supposed to be super fast. Of course, as n00b,I ran into problems, asked around some forum in Second Life and got a response from what would become my personal guruine: “Yikes! Step away from that shitty Ubuntu fork and the worst desktop ever! Install Manjaro with Mate, then we’ll talk.”

          It must be mentioned that Xfce hadn’t been updated since 4 years at that point, while Mate was fresh and cool and actively developed. And so was Manjaro, which was still in Beta but according to my guruine super hot property and already better than all of the old Linuxes.

          And she was right about that!

          Now that Manjaro is old and tired itself and overloaded with crap, I’m on some more radical Arch distro … but still on my trusty Mate DE!

          Mint has its merits as a complete and friendly system, that’s why I recommend it for new users and everybody as the best all-around OS. And that’s why I also stick to Cinnamon in my tests and wannabe tutorials.

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    • Uh, well, just going through all the categories and see what’s available and switch out stuff. For example most Linuxes come with Transmission as their torrent software, I always replace it with Qbittorrent. Some Linuxes don’t feature the Gimp or Thunderbird by default, so I add those. And so on and on …
      My goal is to de-fashion the system and make it usable for human beings instead. Away with the fluff, in with the tools!


        • Thx for the hint, KewlToyz.
          Just had a peek and watched the widdioh. So boring and looks to be made for enterprise environments … and it’s owned by Intel. :/ The Fucque? Will it even run on AMD chips? But will download and try it out. I wondered why they didn’t even mention the most important part of any distro, the desktop? If it’s some Xfce or Plasma or Gnome Shell, I’m out before I even start with it.

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          • Yeah Clear is Intels (rolled their own distro) using swupd and rpm packages.
            Yes it loves AMD too, they been benching the highest end Ryzen procs on it ($4,000 that 64 core insanity).
            It’s really geared for high volume VM’s turned into a DE.
            Personally I use Zorin and Nitrux right now.
            I lean more towards Debian distro workflows and find GNOME had enough extensions to satisfy my idiot DE tweaking obsessions. Nitrux uses a Plasma custom DE well laid out Uri detailed his distro quite a bit on FOSS recently. Totally got the best dual and multiboot installer system I’ve seen.

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                • Yeah this is my 27″ IdeaCentre touchscreen. It’s got dscreet graphics and an i7, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD.
                  I don’t use HDD’s for last 7 years I think, except as mass storage and backups. I got a Dell R710 I’m getting ready to crank up for my home lab too. 4×250 GB SSD’s and 4×2 TB HDD’s in dual RAID10’s. Dual Xeon’s and 128 GB RAM. What am I going to do with it?
                  Put on XenServer and run MS and Linux VM’s to thrash and ruin out of curiosity lol. I quit IT and drive Truck now. This is just a hobby.


            • I don’t like Gnome 3 because of its extensions. All that stuff comes naturally with other desktops and isn’t even half as heavy on the resources.

              And who tf is Uri?

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              • LOL! Uri is the lead Developer of Nitrux Distro.
                Yeah I kept looking through DE’s, (about 25 of them?), all were missing pieces here and there.
                The extensions were the only thing I found easy to fix the missing parts in GNOME.
                I’m running it on 4 machines this way without any real issues.
                Actually runs heela better than Winblows 10 even with all the telemetry turned off lol.

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        • Every geek has his distro. To try a new distro begins with a whopper of an ISO download. Most people in the real world don’t have that luxury. Define your mission, choose your best distro. I have said this so often but Mint Cinnamon does it all and does it well. Why even bother…..I just tried Arch, Kali, Manjaro, Feren, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, LMDE3, the lot. And ended up yet again with Mint Cinnamon, why? Because it works.

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          • Yes, the shit just werkz!
            But since when is download of a simple Linux .iso file a whopper? You’re not talking about SuSE big macs, or do you?


              • I live in piss poor South Africa, one of the infamous hell holes of the world. Okay, in booming suburbia and not on the flat land ore somewhere in the mountains. But still piss poor people all around. So if we can have affordable fibre everybody can. I’m actually wondering what went wrong in America and parts of Europe. The richer the country the worse the service for the people or what? 😐

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                • Where the hell do you think I live? I can not have fibre in my building and buy hellishly expensive LTE. Went through 250GB last month, which took a knock out of the budget of a disabled person. For the record, 30m+ here live on less than R991 pm. Show me their fibre. You are privileged and neither know nor appreciate it. Everybody doesn’t drive a SLS either.

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                  • “Where the hell do you think I live?”
                    What do I know? In my computer far as I’m concerned. Or maybe in the USA as most my readers do. Don’t tell me you’re in SAffa, too. 😮

                    “I can not have fibre in my building”
                    Of course not until the fibre company decides your area is up for digging some trenches n stuff.







                    “and buy hellishly expensive LTE.”
                    What is that?

                    “Went through 250GB last month,”
                    That’s a lot of data. We rarely ever use more than that. Not even now with the uncapped acc.

                    “which took a knock out of the budget of a disabled person.”
                    Oh yes, I know. We’re living on hubby’s disabled benefits and pension. But in SA we can live quite comfy from that if we don’t dream too big. In Germany we’d be soooo fokken poor.

                    “For the record, 30m+ here live on less than R991 pm.”
                    30 million of what? Where do you live?

                    “Show me their fibre.”
                    No, I can’t. Not as long as as no company provides the actual fibre. But what we found out is that fibre is only slightly more expensive than ADSL. But we decided on 20/20 and uncapped while on Adsl we only had 10/1 and 100 GB/mth.

                    “You are privileged and neither know nor appreciate it.”
                    Oh, we know! And we do appreciate it and are happy for our fortunate decision to move away from rotten Germany to sunny South Africa. Particularly with the recent conversion rate €:ZAR of over 18.

                    https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=EUR&To=ZAR. You won’t believe how privileged we feel.

                    “Everybody doesn’t drive a SLS either.”
                    What is that?


                    • I live in South Africa in a posh suburb that has regular and poor as well.

                      ADSL was too expensive for many, fibre is worse.

                      Some live in older buildings where neither ADSL or fibre could be installed. The owner of my block stalled me.

                      Much of my data was wasted on “you must try this distri” and then run into crap like openSUSE. I wish I had the data now, I cancelled my LTE router. Now marooned.

                      30 million of people. 30m+. Remember the plus. You can spell it >30m as well.

                      SLS are those biturbo Merc F1 GP pace cars people use to go buy milk with.

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                • I admit in the US I live in a north eastern backwater and I got copper cable internet at least.
                  In a few years I’m wondering how Elon’s Starlink is going to go for the rest of us.
                  I wonder if he’s going to get into satellite smartphones too given the global reach.
                  Probably going to become an elite service dominated by governments lol.
                  But, time will tell.

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                  • Satellite internet is about the slowest connection you can have. I wouldn’t go that route. Your copper DSL line is the next best thing after fibre, and can reach astonishing speeds depending on your contract.


  1. I have yet to read but was ROFLing about your description of that Acer!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣. BTW, I run Mint 19.3 Tricia Cinnamon on a Thinkpad Edge E540 i7 Quad 2.2GHz with NVidea GT 740 M 2 GB, 8GB DDR3 1600MHz, Samsung 256GB SSD. It runs rather well.

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      • Hehehe. Also had a Dell that was great, a decade ago I traded my then Thinkpad P61 Core2Duo and then used an HP, one I didn’t like. I then got an Acer eMachines Athlonxp64 1GHz with 2GB DDR2. It ran rather well and was built like a 1979 Geländewagen. The current Thinkpad does satisfy.

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      • Ever looked at the Lenovo X1 Carbon refurbs on eBay?
        I keep seeing 2nd and 3rd gen i7’s with touchscreens for $400 US with 250 GB SSD and 8-16 GB RAM.
        Waiting for the COVID shut-in to end so I can get back to work for some mad money and grab one again.

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        • No, sorry haven’t looked as I’m not in the market for a new lappy right now. For the 2 yearly weeks we’re in Germany my old Acer netbook is still good enough, the rest of the time I’m using desktops anyway.
          Hubby is next up for a new lappy and I’ll try to convince him about the quality of Lenovo.

          And … wait, I don’t get it. Are you saying that during the lock-in you’re not getting paid??? COVID-19 is not your fault or is it? And you’re not fired or so? You are an employee – they must pay you! FFS. 😮
          I’d have a talk with my worker’s council if I were in your place.

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          • I’m just laid off for the winter. COVID has delayed the seasonal DOT road construction contracts starting up. After turning 50 I quit IT and started driving truck last summer. Sick of board (bored) rooms and pushing a desk and mouse for a living. Semi retired for a bit and moved back out to the country from Washington DC. I been toying around with Linux since January getting familiar again. Ran acrossed your blog and got a kick out of your humor.

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          • Just let hubby know, no other laptop out there is as good to type on as a ThinkPad. The mouse, keyboard, everything in them is just the best I’ve ever found on a laptop.
            I have a few other favorites I’ve owned though:
            Dell XPS L702x (17″ Desktop replacement, dual SSD’s 16 GB RAM, 1 GB NVIdia discreet graphics, Extra Large battery and a built in Subwoofer so I love jamming to music off it)
            Acer Aspire R7 – Nice Aluminum construction 15.6″ touchscreen on a unique hinge design. The touchpad is above the backlit keyboard, so it was just a really sweet unit to use and it is thin)

            I’ve had 3 ThinkPads, I gave them away to a few longtime friends, they still use them, I’m putting Linux on an old SL510 today. The 2 Acer R7’s I had I sold to my buddy for his kids to use in college about 3 years ago. They love the hell out of them.

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            • Ya, don’t know why hubby is so sceptical against Lenovo. The thinkpads have, and always had, the bestest keyboards and trackpads. And I, as a mouse user, even fell in love with “the nipple” which I much prefer over the touchpad.

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  2. “I live in South Africa in a posh suburb that has regular and poor as well.”
    Dunno if you know Table View, a middle class northern suburb of CPT with posh areas (by the beach) and poor areas (by the swamp), where we dwell.

    “ADSL was too expensive for many, fibre is worse.”
    Hardly more expensive than ADSL but soooo much betterer. I guess the slower packages are even cheaper than ADSL.

    “Some live in older buildings where neither ADSL or fibre could be installed. The owner of my block stalled me.”
    When they have a landline, they should be good for ADSL. Fibre of course only once they roll it out in the whole area. Oh btw, Telkom will soon replace all copper wires with mobile stuff. 3G I guess. Should also be good for internetz, no?

    “Much of my data was wasted on “you must try this distri” and then run into crap like openSUSE.”
    Oh yeah, that is crapola indeed.Dunno why people are still using it. Must be all the commercial users with support contracts.

    “I wish I had the data now, I cancelled my LTE router. Now marooned.”
    Why’d you do that? OMfG! 😮

    “30 million of people. 30m+. Remember the plus. You can spell it >30m as well.”
    30 mio disableds in a country with a population of 42 mio people, that seems a bit out of proportion. 😮

    “SLS are those biturbo Merc F1 GP pace cars people use to go buy milk with.”
    So, kinda posh thing or what? No fear, that’s so not us. We’re rather like so …
    Our old Chev

    … and our even older – but much nicer – Ford


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