Shit! I Missed My Own Rezday! :o

But The Lab sent me a birthday card and congratz … that somehow ended up in my spam folder … from where hubby retrieved it today. Like 3 weeks after the fact. Pffff …


Ooops, how did they know what a great character, community leader and SL promoter I am?

… and yet sooo very humble. 😉

But wait, there’s more …

What? I was hardly ever online in 2019, so how could I have “achieved” so much stuff? Oh, I know, I was hunting for land. One gets around by doing so.



    • You’re probably too sexy for them Lindens! Yeah, that’s it. Only explanation I can think of. 😮
      No honestly, are you a super cool Premium platin card member like Orcs … or just a basic bitch? I guess the Lindens – in their infinite stupidity – make a distinction there.


    • Yes, VIP of my heart since, like, forever. But the real question is if you do pay your tribute to the Almighty Lab in hard USwoolongs and are considered a member of the ruling class of residents. Or are you just counting on your hawtness? Worx with everybody I assume. Well, everybody but the Labbers, since they aren’t real reasonable peepel/hoomanz. :/


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