Hey, yo! I know myself … didn’t wanna talk about that fukn stillborn child Sansar ever again buuut …

When even Hamlet reports about it …

Particularly interesting I found the last sentence in Hamlet’s writeup:

“Speaking of Second Life, has anyone noticed Linden Lab sponsoring YouTube streamers to produce and host SL-based events and videos? I haven’t myself, even though it would be a great idea.”

No, of course not. LL prefers to stuff ever more money into a dead concept, instead of helping a sound and healthy SL to gain more prominence and new users. Come on, all you oldtimers must have felt it too. I’m in SL since January of 2007 so 13 fukn years now. And since 2008 I know that LL has no interest in its most sole profitable product, other than to use it as a melking cow to finance silly adventures in the world of the new shiny.

Laying off “a substantial part” of your workforce since there is nothing they can to do to save Sansar anymore – but sponsoring YT events? Makes no sense. None at all.

That’s the sad reality of having immature kids with no experience or business sense as your virtual world service providers. 😦

The honoured senior blogger Inara Pey once told me, after I complained about LL wasting our SL fees for stupid Sansar investments, that it’s their money and their prerogative how to use it. Yes, she’s absolutely right about that, I admit. Still it hurts to witness this kind of mismanagement and misappropriation of funds. It really hurts.

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