Put Linux Mint on Your Computer Pt. II

Hello again!

Yesterday we left off from roundabout here …



Ok, so today we’re finally going to install the sensationally good and friendly Linux Mint on our new computing device. Since I have enough photos and screenshots made, I’ll make this a “graphic novel”. LOL

For installation I chose my extra lame and slow OrcNet netbook. The USB stick with the ISO file is ready.
Start the machine … and a minute later we end up in a graphical environment. That’s friendly, no? If you want you can use your Linux right away but it’ll be slow and you can’t save anything. So you can test some stuffz and activate your wifi network if you’re not plugged into your router. Once you done that just klik on the Install Linux Mint button …
… and let the magic happen. But don’t run away, Minty wants to know some unobtrusive info from you. For example your favourite language and your keyboard’s nationality. I’d liked to make this tutorial in English but that would lead to problems later on, since my keyboard is a German QWERTZ one with all the fancy umlรครผts and the even more exotic รŸ. So I’m keeping to German and will translate when necessary.
Next up the installer asks you if you wanna install 3rd party programs and codecs. YES! You’re not stupid and want that so badly! Soooo KLIK!!!
This is an easy choice: Computer is “new” and contains no precious data, so you check the second box from top: Delete hard drive and install Linux Mint!
Since you pluged into your modem/router or connected to wifi in step one, the installer will know where you are. If you’re not happy with Minty’s choice you can change it. It’s Linux, you do whatever you fancy for whatever reason!
Talking about fancy, in this window you type in whatever name you wanna be known for. Your nom de plume, underground terrorist fighter name or, pretty boring, just your SL avatar name. Then chose an easy to remember user name and Top Secret password that nobody but you can ever know! Of course you must not forget it! Linux wants to know your password quite often.
That was it. And since Linux is so clever the installation has already started in the background, while you were busy remembering your name. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
This will go on for a little while, so I made two snapshots since I was bored. But in the end, after 10 – 20 minutes the installation is finished and you’re asked to reboot the computer. You say yes and wait until your’re prompted to remove the installation medium and press Restart. Dunno why I forgot to make photos of that part …
HELLO! Your first minute in your brandspanking new Linux Mint 19.3 operating system. Congratz! See the welcome screen? Look at the bar on the left side and click on First Steps. Noticed that I put the camera away and use Mint’s own screenshot function now? Nifty stuff, right?
A tedious amount of gruntwork is waiting for you. Pffffrz, not sexy. :/ But it needs to be done – at least that’s what the Mint guys seem to think. We’re a bunch of stupid kidz and can’t be trusted with backing up our own computers. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyhoo, just get it over and done with by answering all questions with Yes. You can change everything later on if you should ever have more special needs in a function I’ve never used and will never use. I do my backups manually thankyouverymuch.
Nest stage is more important: The initial update to get your system up to date with all the stuff that was introduced to the system before you installed it. Once it’s done you’re on the same wavelength with dozens of thousands of millions of other Mint users around the globe. Not with all Linux users, mind you. The Arch guys will always be far ahead of you but you’re more up to date than the typical Debian user. So good for you!
The older the 19.3 version becomes the longer this update will take. Keep calm and brew some tea …
… until your compi will let you know it’s good and ready to spring into action. Up to now you didn’t even use half the time of a typical Windows installation. Just FYI.
Next steps, apps and software administration and activation of a Firewall, we’ll look into that stuff tomorrow.
You might have noticed that you could use your machine while the update was still, well, updating. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You’re not on Windows anymore but something far more clever. So I hope you did at least have a look into the menu and found out what yummy stuff you have at your disposal and what’s missing and you still need to install. All that we do tomorrow.

That was fun, wasn’t it? Ok, you’re still with us? Or is the group moving too fast for you? LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyhoo, tomorrow we’re gonna install ourselves some fancy softwares and get rid of shitty stuff. And we will try to make everything more pretty-ish. And I promise you we’re not gonna use that loathed Terminal! Everything will be a mousy and clicky affair. I can promise you that since I myself have no idea about the command structure and language in Debian/Ubuntu environments, and can’t show you fukall. So we have to stick to GUIs and do everything in the Windows way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I guess you’ll like that, dontcha?

Class dismissed!




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