FerenOS vs ZorinOS: Best Windows Replacement?

Hello again. Okay, I’ll show you Tom’s latest video about a topic that seems to be of interest for many computer users …

… but now, apart from any technical merits or problems any of the distros should have – they are just redressed Ubuntus afterall – I’m questioning the general need for such distros.

Hey, are you really looking for a Win or Mac replacement? Why don’t you stick to Win/Mac then, eh? You’ve abandoned Windows for a reason, didn’t you? And if you’re on Linux since a shorter or longer while you’ve noticed it is not Windows! And not MacOS either. Right? And you’ll have noticed it doesn’t matter, since some Linux UIs and DEs and WMs are probably just right for your workflow, and better than Mac’s or Windows’ standard desktop in any case.

Tell ya the truth, Win’s desktop was the least thing I missed after my switchover to Linux. My problems were on the functional side,where Linux differs a lot from Windows, not on the usage side. My computer is to be operated by mouse and keyboard, Win or Linux honestly doesn’t make a big difference in that regard. Not for me. Once I’ve found my fave desktop, Mate DE, I was over and done with Windows. No way back for this old girl.

But hey, different strokes for different folks. If you really need the optical approach of a Windows or Mac desktop, and are too lazy to mod your own system yourself, please feel free to knock yourself out. Zorin and Feren are ready and waiting for you.



    • Eeeeps, eeeks, wuaaargs …
      /me throws up
      Fi, I consider shit like React OS a danger, not to Linux but to the world of kombjutin’ overall. Only good as a halloween party costume, nothing to really work on. You’re a noty girl for even mentioning shit like that, Fiona! 😮


  1. 🙂 I always liked customizing the look of my chosen Linux distribution for myself (Mainly because I love to tinker with things).

    Now, I can clearly understand why Ferin OS and Zorin OS provided their users with familiar-looking desktop presets; they want those people who are coming over from Windows and macOS to feel at ease.

    I would also like to remind you that distributors like Linux Mint and Linux Lite are similarly designed with a Windows layout.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Orca.

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    • “they want those people who are coming over from Windows and macOS to feel at ease.”
      You realize that now? After many years of both distros?

      “Linux Mint and Linux Lite are similarly designed with a Windows layout.”
      Mint offers 3 desktops, Xfce, Mate and Cinnamon. Lite has only Xfce. What they all have in common is a rather traditionalist GUI and method of using, comparable with Windows and MAC OS. I call this method “Keyboard and mouse/touchpad”. For 99.999% of all Linux users that is enough to not get into trubbelz when using their new systems. The 0.001% of new users who need a 100% Win/Mac emulation will run into a whole new set of problems and compromises and disappointments with feren and Zorin, since they have to find out and switch to their prefered workplace all by themselves, which is hard for those sort of people … only to find out it’s all smoke and mirrors. Neither of those distros can deny the fact that they are GNU/Linux under the hood and the looks are really just that: Window dressing, rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. :/

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    • That is true, indeed. Particulary when Win made the switch from Win 3.1 to Win 95, half the secretaries in our company threatened to quit their jobs, some even cried. Stupid wimmin. But apart from that it was quite a substantial jump … far bigger than from Win10 to, say, Mate or Cinnamon. I can’t understand why everybody’s so afraid of the changes when switching to Linux, when Microsoft made them jump thru far bigger hoops.
      Thank you for bringing this great point to our attention, Fi.


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