Trying to Find Out

Moarnin’ peepholes.

My thoughts are free flowing right now, so pleez forgive me for some aimless rambling … about Linux. 😐 As you all know Linux has taken the whole IT world by storm, servers, internet, business  applications, even mobile phones. Everywhere you look, Linux rulz!

Yes, everywhere but on the desktop. 😦

I’m not the first person wondering why and how, and I won’t be the last neither. Still I can’t stop thinking why not more people are using Linux as their personal operating system on their computers.

It can’t be Linux in itself. I’ve stated truly often enough that some Linux distributions have reached a maturity and usablity that brings them up to par and mostly just makes them even better than Microsoft’s Windows.

Let’s have a look at the best example, Linux Mint, as that is a true alround system that works for Linux users of all walks of life and all kinds of computer savvy … or lack thereof. From absolute beginner to veteran coder, everyone feels at home in Mint. Of course there are some specialist distros available, better suited for certain tasks but Mint is the quintessential complete system, far better equipped with additional softwares and apps than Windows, where you need to organize download and install every purpose-driven software by yourself after installation. In order to make Windows even usable this will cost you days of labour and a couple thousand additional woolongs if you wanna stay legal.

Well, in Mint you’ll find everything in well-sorted packages and easily attainable as well. Full office suite, large image manipulation program, internet browser, email program, multimedia players galore and all the little things one needs on a daily base. Screen snapshot, script editors, geeky shit. funny shit, you name it. In Mint you’ll find everything, including the kitchen sink!

So everybody in the Linux community is wondering why such a fantastic system didn’t take the consumer’s market in the same manner as they did with the professional, the corporate market. Reasons are plenty; bad marketing and neglect by the Linux Foundation, anti-ganda by Microsoft and mostly totally wrong assumptions by the consumer sheeples, it all comes together here in a spiral of doom. 😦

But most important is the ignorance and lazyness of the end-users. Supported by an over-abundance of computers which are sold with pre-installed Windows on them. Shit worx right out of the box, most users don’t even know anymore how to install their own operating system and even accept Windows with all the bloat- and spyware preinstalled by the PC manufacturers. 😦 Add to that human lazyness and the “convenience” of having a somewhat functional Windows on their hardware … “for free”.

I don’t know, last time I installed Windows on a computer of mine was in 2010, the PC was self-built so it came empty and I paid about 100 €urowoolongs for my copy of Win7. That’s not exactly free or is it?

Well, Linux Mint is. Totally free of charge and free in any other way you can imagine, too. You may take your copy of Mint, rip it apart and create something totally new. But let’s not go there, we’re no geeks or are we?

Linux Mint, made to look like Windows 7

Again, we don’t care about all that. For now our goal is to get as many idiots (you lot) onto Linux as possible. Where you go from there is your individual prerogative. Some of us are more geeky than others, some are hackers some are just curious scientists. For now we’re all happy if y’all end up on some sort of GNU/Linux distribution as your daily rider. Don’t get me wrong, I love and prefer and recommend Mint. But this is Linux and Mint ain’t your only choice and, honestly, your editrix isn’t using it either. 😉 That bishie’s moved on!

But let’s stick to the mainstream, what you do lateron is your own decision, for now let’s get you set-up on Linux Mint. In order to do that I’ll prey you through the installation process, which is remarkably simple btw and only needs a minimum of organisation and preparation. You with me? Ok, let’s go:

Or rather let’s not go. Not now. Let’s end right here and have me coming up with a complete How-to-for-Dummies a bit later today. First I need to do some RL shit and weather through another period of loadshedding blackout before I can continue …

cya laterz xoxo



  1. One of the main reasons that Linux hasn’t taken the consumer desktop market is exactly because of what you wrote: “But most important is the ignorance and lazyness of the end-users.”

    Computer end-users are lazy. They don’t want to learn anything new. As long as their Windblows computers boot up, they don’t care if the software is legal or not. They don’t protect nor maintain their systems until it has been compromised in a way that it won’t boot. That’s when they take their computers to a qualified technician. On top of that, they expect the remedy to be cheap.

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    • Mhm, yeah. Isn’t it terrible? Where is the pride of ownership, the pride of competence? The more important computers become, the more we need them, the less do people know about them. 😦
      It’s shocking. 😮

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