Trump’s Peace Plan

Negotiations? Without even asking the Palestinians?

Y’all were surely wondering why Orca stayed so quiet during the last days, did ya? And so did I. But honestly, what was there left to say about this openly anti-humane, biased shitty plan of Donald, his son-in-law Ashton Kutcher negotiated for him and the Israelis.

Israel = Nazi Germany

What kind of negotiations are those please? When only one side of the conflict is at the table and the judge is clearly biased and jaded by self-interest … this doesn’t define as negotiations. Not in any book, not in international law, not in the understanding of the United Nations.

That map is almost as hilarious as Trump’s original

But Stop! We have more! Since Orca is too speechless to react herself (don’t wanna be arrested and suicided like Jeffrey Epstein for assassinating the USPrez) she lets Lee Camp speak for us:


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