Licenced to be Boring

Whoohoo, over twoandahalfyears after a much younger and naively optimistic Orca wrote this blogpost, now finally we got our Oubaas officially licenced and are cruising the roads all legal-like n stuff. 🙂


Hmmm, it’s good news, right? On the other hand … I don’t really know how I’m supposed to feel about that fact, about our new status. Cuz legal also means advanced adulting, paying licence fees and speeding tickets, being bourgeois and lame, old and tired. It’s like being, like, real people. So boring. Dunno if I wanna fit in that drawer. 😐 I mean, hubs and I, we are boring af, don’t do much action shit n stuff. But we’re boring in our very own special jet-set hippie way. Not boring in a civilized citizen’s way. Ok, I guess even with valid licence plaque Oubaas is still way too hippie-esque for anyone assuming we might be, like, normal people. 🙂



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