R.I.P. Andy Gill

“They weren’t ahead of their time. They were at exactly the right time.”

Andrew James Dalrymple Gill (1 January 1956 – 1 February 2020)

Probably the least famous pop star ever in a Thar She Blows! obituary, Andy Gill was a very important figure in socialistic British post-punk funk of the late 70s and early 80s. His band Gang of Four was the imbodiment of a chic, danceable revolution.


Like so many other British bands, Gang of Four was the best band ever!

At least for a young and very impressionable Orca they were. She and her friends could “Dance the Marx” to GoF’s “protest” music for hours in my hometown’s more hip and underground dance temples … if the term hip would’ve existed back then. :/… and if we 14 years-olds wouldn’t have been kicked out of the disco by 10 p.m. 😼

Still their music made you feel good. Not because it was funny music, quite the contrary, but because by listening to GoF you became an instant intellectual, a revolution leader, a Marxist martyr. All that was needed were a couple spastic dance steps to GoF’s kinda brutal rythms.

Post-punk funk politicos?




      • They were great and every song was perfect but Andy was f-ed up on something. He tried to talk between songs but it was incoherent babbling. Then the music would start and he sounded completely sober while singing. Pretty wild to watch. It was nice cause it was a really small club (they hosted many of the local punk, rockabilly punk and ska shows). I might still have my ticket stub!

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