And So It Begins

Rather quickly after Brexit we already have the first dispute between UK and EU. About fish! Look at this shit:

A fish for a fish, an eye for an eye

Hmmm, hm hm … just having a cunning idea … gimme a sec …


See where Guernsey and Jersey are located? Much closer to France than to England, no? So how about we pull a Putin on Guernsey and bring both isles “back home” to the continent?

No more British fish thieves on our side of the channel!

You wanted out. And out you are now! Outta fish. 🙂 LolOLilol

Have a good look at our future enemy, the Fishery Protection Squadron of the Royal Navy. Buncha gay popstars, hah.

Whatever the outcome will be, just make sure Orca gets an uninterrupted sushi supply!



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