All You Need to Know About Lag (video by Rosie Helendale) Second Life

Got lag?
You know it’s not a destiny you have to suffer from. In fact you can fight the lag!
Look at Amada’s blog story and Rosie Helendale’s very useful video.
And don’t forget to leave your likes at both!!!

Magick Thoughts ❤ Second Life and Real Life

I am sharing this video for my own benefit really. But as you know I love to share knowledge whenever I find it. Rosie Helendale a great Vlogger has enlioghtened us all with her knowledge. It is a must see! We can learn all about how we lag while building and texturing.

Everyday is a Schoolday in my world of Second Life and I have been around the grid for 8 years. There is always room for learning.

The issue of lag is an important one and I for one did not realise that texturing a prim adds to lag if done in the wrong way. The same will apply to anything really with building and fashion and everything. Anyway, learning something new everyday is good I think and Thank You to Rosie for this great video.

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