Orca’s Exposed! :o

They found out! Ooooh shit. 😦

Our fave pirate resource knows where we are

Heck! :/

But haha, it’s not so bad.

Firstly we are indeed in South Africa were ISPs don’t care what we do with our data, as long as we pay our monthly fees. They shit on European and American copyright mafias. This is what happens if you treat a country as if it doesn’t really belong on this planet. Then in return we act as if we aren’t from this planet. 😉

And secondly we are using a VPN. This one here:

Directly from FireFux’s Add-ons

Just not all the time. In fact only when we really need it to make it look like we are in Germany so we may watch German TV, whose mediateques are restricted to allow only users connecting from inside Germany. And this ain’t even piracy as such, since we’re paying the German TV license month for month, year for year. Now a little fee on top for the VPN and the whole world of super classy Gerry state owned, and Washington approved, TV propaganda entertainment opens up to us.

:/ YAY? :/


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