Hey, You Still on Windows?

Don’t try to look innocent. And fukn don’t lie to me. For I know you are. Like the majority of computer users … all the stupid sheeples. 😦 And since you are on Windows you obviously have the need for some good snake oil antivirus software, right? As if your life as a Microsoft customer wasn’t already inconvenient enough.

Ok. And now look here:

Make of that info what you want.

No further commentary … :/



    • Yeah …
      /me spits on the ground

      Shame on them.

      But – and I’m tired of having to repeat myself over and over and over and over and over and over again – even more shame on all those lazy fux who claim not to care about privacy, not caring about them being reduced even further, from customers to stupid brainless, rightless wares. Shame on them sheeples for still using MS Windows! In the fukn anno domini 2020!!!
      They should know better!!!

      What are you so afraid of, my darlings? Fukn dirt simple Linux Mint too complicated for you? Fuk, Mint was even too boring and simple for your blogbish!!! And everybody knows what a simpleton she is.

      So come on over to Linux and stop worrying about viruses and malware.

      If Orca can do it – so can you!!!

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