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And another article from our series Only in America

Really? Are they serious? And for bs courses like this Berkeley hippie college is charging study fees I assume. Fees mostly paid by the students’ more or less adult parents. :/

Oh boiiii… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I mean, it’s good and fine to learn basic life skills, nothing wrong with that. Buuuut why are they only starting with that when people have already reached university age, are de jure adults, drive cars, live alone … and why tf didn’t their parents do their parental duty during childhood and youth of those bimbosstudents?

I’m just imagining me being a professor, supposed to teach some heavy academical discipline, like astro-physics, chemistry, mathematics or gender studies – to young people that don’t even know they’ve gotta pay their monthly rent to their landlords, appear punctually to my lessons, eat their veggies and take a shower at least once a week. Oh, and them alls having questionable grammar skillz. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I suppose I’d quit my job. It’s not worth it. Those students aren’t worth it.

Why are those malfunctioning idiots attending uni at all?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in my 50s, often alleged of being very childish for my age and too silly for my own good. Okay, but I have a university diploma in Eastern European History, administrated computers and databases for a firm with 200 IT workstations, I made business deals in the million woolongs range, I know how to cook a healthy and nutritious meal, I voted a couple times, was arrested a couple times, was a political activist, have visited lots of countries all over the globe, speak foreign languages, have read many books, I know how to sail, operate forklifts, cars and commercial trucks, am a live-saver swimmer, have diplomas for all that. Also I always know where my keys are, never forget to switch off the oven, pay our levies every month, take care that hubby won’t spend too much money on shit and am a responsible human being … and never ever stood anywhere with my thumb in the mouth. And I managed all that before my 30th birthday! Nothing special.

In other words: I’m a typical averagely talented adult, not living up to my potential and am an embarrassment for my parents. Why can’t those American younglings not be at least on the same pretty low standard level? Rest of the world can do it no prob! Look at Asia and be ashamed, be very ashamed! ๐Ÿ˜



  1. Most of this stuff used to be taught in jr high and high school but was dropped as schools became under funded. Parents, coddling their kids and always trying to “shelter” them from ever experiencing anything bad, didn’t bother to pick up the slack. Thus, a generation of adults who don’t know how to take care of themselves and colleges implementing classes like this. They really need to teach young adults “bad things happen, here are some coping skills”.

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    • They really used to teach basic life skills in school? Whoa! We never learned that stuff, in Europe we just grew up and picked it all up along the way. And most of it is is totally outdated today, so factually we never start learning or do we? For example computers. Got the first one in 92, I was 26 by then and had already finished uni. No, I typed my final diploma work on it. So, yes, gotta learn without parents and school system. Still somehow I got it done.
      We had to deal with serious food and gasoline restrictions for a while, but in the end we got it right.
      That’s adulting.


      • Well, schools used to teach basic homemaking skills (cooking, cleaning, sewing) and other things that applied to real life.
        I predate PCs… used to play on keypunch machines when my dad was a mainframe repair tech. I’m mostly self taught, minus advanced programming.
        Current grads can’t do laundry, cook, manage finances, manage research anything. If their parents or phone doesn’t do it, it doesn’t happen.

        I wasn’t taught about credit (parents never loaned me money; I never learned about paying back my debt) so I got into major probs with that but I learned my lesson and have avoided it ever since.

        I sympathize with the fact that people don’t have these skills because parents don’t want their kids to ever feel bad and, therefore, never force them to do things on their own.

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