World’s Longest Zipline

… and the landscape is also nice. 😉

Whoa! I’d never do a bungee jump! Or go paragliding or ride in a balloon or a helicopter. Too chickenshit for that. But a zipline … yeah that sounds fun. At least I always had fun as a kid on playgrounds with ziplines. Yeah, I know, completely different ballgame, thousand times the fun.

Wait, what? They need a drogue parachute??? Arrrrgs! 😮

Anyway, now that we already have the world’s most highest and life-altering bungee jump off a bridge, I suppose this was just put in for completion to cement the Western Cape Province’s status as “Africa’s Playground”.

A more realistic look at the setup: Hey, it’s not the longest zipline in the world as they claim. That honour belongs to Dubai in the UAE. But Mossel Bay is the longest zipline over ocean. And they are even constructing a much longer and higher one a bit away from this spot. We shall see.

The zipline just opened a few days ago, so there’s no amazing videography of the ride yet.

This is something fraidy-cat Orcsibaby isn’t up for neither:
Orcsi’s never gonna do such shit!

I can’t even watch this! 😮

Ok, SA, we get it: You’re awesome n fun n stuff. But do you have to get us into grave danger just to prove it? As if living close to a township full of criminal smurfs wasn’t exciting enough.

Where you find the pure adrenaline
The most dangerous adventure!

But if you really, like, really honestly look for the most scary experience in your life, I invite you to ride with me in Oubaas, the over-aged and over-powered van. 🙂






  1. Yaaay… ziplining!! Esp ziplining that goes so fast that a parachute is needed to slow you down!

    I’ve debated parachuting. No bungee for me. Yes to swimming with great white sharks… under VERY controlled situations.

    Your bus references make me think of the Netflix series, Sense8.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hai love, please wash your hands often and stay healthy while being locked away.

      To have the most fun during lockdown, I recommend you install the one or other Linux distro on your hardware. 3 weeks is ample time to do it and get thoroughly settled in your new environment, babe.
      cya soon-ish


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