Pff, so What?

This doesn’t compute, like, at all.

LOL, all good and fine, Epic Games, go on and drop Linux and Mac. It doesn’t matter. Firstly are Xers and Macsters too busy with real computing stuff and don’t have much time for silly gaming. And secondly, the hardcore gaming on Linux guys have already figured out ways to emulate lots and lots of famous gaming titles, or even play them natively on Linux.

Don’t ask me how they are doing it, it’s obviously very clever coding stuff and the  number of available games is growing each and every day. Already some years ago the number of games on Linux was far bigger than all the available games on the three major consoles … combined!

And finally, hah! Readers of Thar She Blows! only know of one game worth playing on a computer: Second Life!

Orca in Second Life

So do whatever you want to spit in our Linux soup, Preteen Games, you’ve already failed before you even started!

The only “game” worth playing isn’t even a game. And it’s like it was specifically made for Linux powered computers. 🙂 BTW, Blondie here should’ve edited her hairs a bit better, dontcha think?




    • Zackly, Neil, egg-zack-lee!!! We’ve got better stuff to do and are old enough to never get bored in the first place. Hmmm, I can’t even remember ever being bored in my childhood and youth neither. But those were better times I suppose.


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