I Know It’s Satire …

… but as in every good satire, there’s a lot of truth in it:

Taliban make sure the military industrial complex stays profitable!

One never knows what kind of shady deal they bargain about in dark taverns tea houses in Kabul’s redlight district bazaars. But there seems to be a mutual understanding of both parties, isn’t it? A well-meaning tit for tat situation. Just like USA and ISIS had and still kinda have. Come on! Come on now, do you really think the mighty USA wouldn’t have bombed the Talibanis into the history books in all the long time since their first engagegment? Had they really wanted, nobody would even remember the Taliban, or Afghanistan as a whole ever existed.

Too bad really that those fukn peaceniks of the UN and Russia and Syria are doing their best to stop the forever war … and coincidentally the flow of money to the 1% of American top patriots.

Love and Peace, brother Putin xoxo

That must never happen! Those fukn Russian hippies must be killed.


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