Windows 7 Goes Out with a Bang!

๐Ÿ˜ฎ My oh my!

The last Win7 update ever. And MS giving you THE FINGER!

Important part starts at 7:09

Friendly greetings from your friends at Microsoft

Hm, I guess Microsoft thinks this is a clear hint for all you last holdouts to switch to Win10. The more sane rest of the computing world thinks this is finally your super chance to break free from the Microsoft shackles – once and for all – and update to GNU/LINUX!!!

Win7 user and Microsoft’s last update! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Okayyyy, one honest unlaughing hint for you. If you run some special software that’s only available for Windows, how about unplugging your Win7 machine from the internet? *Plopp! Easy as that. Ready for years of uninterrupted service free of malware and virae. Musician friend of ours did it with his old virtual guitar amp software just a couple days ago that he runs on his old Win7 machine. Rest of his IT machine pool he took over to Linux quite a while ago already.

I guess its worse than 20 years of ass rape





    • Whoa, so early already? Well. I had to sit out ME and XP kinda since we were homeless and busy traveling. So when we settled down again, my first self-built computer, I put Win7 on … and was pretty ok with it.


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