Top 5 Linux Distros To Watch In 2020


As you might have figured out this Top 5 list isn’t Orca’s. Because Orca is so boring and inflexible and set in her boring ways, her list consists actually of only 2 Linux distros she would recommend. You know them, Mint and Archman and that’s it.

But as you also know – and Orca knows too – Linux is a very individual thing and what would be cool for me might be crap for you. So let’s hear what YouTuber Egee’s Top Picks for 2020 are. Maybe you like one of his choices much better than Orca’s pretty restricted selection. I can tell you right away that my two fave distros didn’t make it into Egee’s list. That’s how versatile the Linux environment and community is.

So have a peek, why don’t you?

I’ve tested most of those distros myself and didn’t like them for one or another reason. But again it must be said that just because I don’t like something, for most of you exactly that thing can be great and super and just the best.

So test them out!

As I said before I’m the new, more mellow, more tolerant Orca now and don’t care much about what distro you’re rocking. As long as you are on Linux you’re my hero!



        • Thx for the “young girls” buuuuut I don’t have nor do I accept any boss, neither old nor new. And I, myfuknself, am the most unbossy thing you’ve ever seen. I just peeked into the lyrics and kinda got what you wanted to convey but I must object. When I ask or “order” and “tell” my readers to install Linux NAO! they know I have no power to wield. Nor do I have any desire for power. I want and need my readers to be strong, clever and independent!



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