Or … no, not sorry. I like to brag. So sue me.

Gotz a new update today. This is nothing special as we ArchLinux users get updates blown up our sweet asses the whole day and whole night. Only thing that made this last update kinda semi-special is that we got a … not a new kernel, but a partially new kernel, as it made an incremental jump from 5.4.13 to 5.4.14. No big deal. I have no idea but if the kernel group – meaning Linus Torvalds himfuknself – gave the approval to roll it out it must be important, more cleverer, more securer and betterer suited for all kinds of new processors n shit.

So it’s all good!

That whole update, all 75.8 MB of it, was downloaded and installed – fully automatically – in a matter of 3 minutes. And I could work on other stuff while it was happening.

The rest? Oh, ya, some dunnowhat files that makes the code gooder. Who cares?

And again, for all you Long Term Support fraggelz and Stability über Alles Debian peasants, all you guys who think the world will come to an end in a terrible IT apocalypse for us hot and sexy Archy housewives: GoFukYou! 🙂

When we get updates, yes, all 23 or sumsuch ridiculous number of them every day, do you think they are not tested? Do you really believe the uploaders didn’t go thru the update procedure themselves before rolling out the product?

Failed updates are freak accidents, and only hitting the most exotic users with the most exotic hardware, and they will be fixed days later! This ain’t Microsoft ffs, where you wait for months until finally a fix comes down from Redmont. Linux is still a community thing, thousands of knowledegable eyes are on the code, a fix is quickly at hand and available for the affected parties.

Your editreuse didn’t get a catastrophically failing update since … forever! When an update fails your computer won’t stop working. You just gotta wait some hours/days until it goes through and installs perfectly. And then you’re still weeks, months, years ahead of the more pedestrian pengus, like the poor Ubuntu and Debian crowd.

People, I can only repeat it again and again: Once you’re cool with Mint, know your way around and inside out, please, do yourself the favour and give ArchLinux a try! You’ll see not only isn’t it half as bad but can be really delightful once you’ve adjusted yourself to the carefree way.

As you know Orca doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about. And she’s so fukn lazy, the other day she slept here, sitting at the computer desk because she was even too lazy to roll her carcass into bed. But she uses Arch like a boss!

And so can you.




    • ArchLinux is a rolling release distro, Neil, it doesn’t have versions. Snapshots, yes. and since Archman’s latest snapshot with the Mate desktop was 2019.11, it is or was that. However, every regularly updated and curated Arch installation should be on the same level … worldwide. While I updated to kernel 5.4.14 earlier this morning, hubby did so just a few minutes ago. Now our PCs are on the same level of awesome. 😉

      Or do you mean what distro I’m running? Archman:

      Our former favourite Namib seems to have problems, as I warned every potential user about, since it’s not made by a team but by a one-man-circus. And frederic2ec seems to have lots of RL work, stress, girlfriend or whatev and kinda lost contact with reality and his users. It’s a shame since Namib was more comfy than the more basic Archman.
      If you just wanna snoop a bit around in Archy-ish distros there is always the super kool Manjaro. Or … Vanilla Arch when you really wanna ruin your weekend. 😮
      And some other distros, that are focused on one desktop and also some installers that let you choose your desktop during installation. But they are all too complicated for my taste:


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