Slow TV: narrowboat cruising along the Macclesfield canal

And once again let’s cruise down the UK’s canal system with David, in real time speedslowness and, like, total deceleration and relaxation …

Just a tiny bit slower and this video could stop the flow of time, maybe even reverse it. Watch it long enough and sooner or later you’ll be back in your momma’s womb and be reborn a Baby Yoda. <o.o>

Please read the video description. Please, I implore you.
MacclesfieldCanalThis is a real time recording from the bow of my narrowboat from when I cruised up the Macclesfield canal in September 2019, from Hall Green stop lock, through Congleton, to near Bridge 65. Towards the end there’s a bit of a pause while I waited for another boat to come through two bridges close together but I do move on again after that for a bit before finally coming to a halt.
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Thank you!

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