*EDIT* Linux Lite: The Perfect Windows 7 Replacement?

Oh Linux Lite, how much hope I’ve put into you as a young Linux n00b, and how you never quite managed to make me fall in love with you. And I tried, by god, I tried! But no, is it your stupid Xfce desktop, your chaperone attitude or your Ubuntu base?

Don’t know, don’t care.

My choice as beginners distro would be Linux Mint. And now shut up. Or watch Tom’s well-meaning video review of Lite’s latest version as Windows killer. Hah, we don’t need that. Windows died tragically from suicide already years ago, now Linux just needs to pick up the slack.

Linux Lite has just released version 4.8 with release notes indicating that it is the perfect Windows replacement. Let’s look at the distro with that eye and see how it compares.


Of course you may and can use Linux Lite. Don’t need my approval. Maybe you like Xfce, maybe you like some guidance, some striking “Away from Windows, fool!” distro to make a political point. Many Linux experts, not just n00bs, experts with many years of experience and knowledge up the wazoo, seem to love Linux Lite.

Listen, I don’t really give an awful lot of fux about what distro you use. As long as you finally break up with that violently tempered Windows shit I’m happy.

Oh! Here’s another review …

In this episode of Distro Delves, we’re having a look at the Linux Lite 4.8, released on January 14th, 2020. Based on Ubuntu 18.04, Linux Lite is geared towards brand-new users and bills itself as a “gateway operating system”.

Up until this video, I’ve never mentioned, let alone mentioned Linux Lite on the channel. Possibly for good reason – I didn’t find much about it that distinguishes it from other Ubuntu-based distros.

Linux Lite had a fair number of bugs and other challenges, which I won’t mention here in the description. It’s hard to say whether the bugs were related to the distro specifically or hardware related. The input issues were particularly strange.

Linux Lite, being based on Ubuntu, is an open source Linux distro. It uses the Xfce 4.14 Linux desktop environment.

The apps I install as part of the test are:

+ Wine +Steam + Audacity – Discord + Docker + OBS-Studio + Virtual Box – VSCode – Slack + Spotify – Minecraft – TeamViewer + Zoom Meeting


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