Scheduling of the FSCup


10 teams/boats have registered for Vivi’s FSCup2020.
See all the teams and a schedule of the races in her blog:

the Free Spirit Cup

TEN boats have entered this year FSCup. That’s exciting, but it means that I have to change the organization a little from what I had originally set up.

Free Spirit Cup Match Series

I still plan four to six matches per weekly session.

We will start with four matches each week for a total of 11 weeks.
That means eight teams are battling on the sea while two teams have a ” bye” so they can act as the officiating Race Directors that day. One officiating team per course/starting line. I count on all of you to behave and respect the RDs, whomever they are !

Free Spirit Cup Playoffs

At the end of the series, we will start the play-offs. I plan to keep the top six boats.

Boats ranked #1 and #2 will go directly to the semi-finals, while #3 meets #6 and #4 meets #5 in two “wildcard”…

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