Orca Won’t Comment!

Hey guys, a little bit more somber video I’ve found for you just an hour ago. It’s no laughing matter, there are no cats, no Second Life avatars, no memes of any kind in it. It’s just a  guy, an American guy, asking the question “Are we the baddies?”

Regardless of 98% of the world had that dilemma figured out long ago, he’s trying to find out exactly the anwer to that question. Because nobody wants to be a baddie, nobody thinks of themselves as evil. Ask Bush, ask Trump, ask any old nazi – if you can still find one – they’ll give you plenty reasons for why they did what they did … what had to be done. :/

But first let’s watch the video:

And now discuss.

I won’t engage in the comment section, I won’t moderate, delete or censor any comments, because I don’t believe in censorship. But I believe you’re all grown up and reasonable enough, no matter anyone’s political orientation, to have a civilized discussion.

Now have fun without me. 🙂


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