Joyride Pt. III

Mornin’ fam

Can you believe it was already back on November 10 of last year I drove my Bovine camper the last time? Better believe it. Now, anyhoo, I felt antsy and wanted to continue my litle camping trip around my new home continent Satori, a.k.a. the “Japanese Continent”.

And so I did.

And I failed. :/

Last time our little road trip was rudely interrupted by the broken bridge on Linden Route 8. So I re-rezzed just on the other side of the fissure.
Yes, here. Thanks moles for the rez spot. :/
Again driving was no fun. I guess the whole continent is laggy and GagaMore’s non-existent graphics made everything look pretty ugly … if it showed anything at all.
And then, all of a sudden, the road just stops. A dead end. Even sheltered by some kind of pavillion for no reason at all. :/
Aha! The map reveals I’ve missed my junction. Should’ve turned right onto Route 8C multiple sims ago. 😐
Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit. Over- or underwhelmed, but whelmed in a profound way. 🙂

Guys, you know you can never trust Orca when she says “Be right back” or so, since it never happens. We remember I’ve also have cruising-around-the-grid business waiting for me since many many monthes. 😮

I’ll get to it when I get to it! Okay? Now shuddup.




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