Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros

I thought why not check the Boomer’s fave 10 distros. More about my motivation and what I think of his choice and why it’s so different from mine, we’ll see soon. But first let’s have a peek at the evidence:

Top 10?

Hello, welcome back. 😉

Ok, first I find itb a bit strange to publish a Top 10 list with only 6 items. Wouldn’t that make it a Top 6-list? But ok, I get it, now that we already have the Top 10 graphic, why not use it, right. If I was so inclined to make any lists that contain more than 3 items, I’d make sure to find also my 7th to 10th most favourite Linux distros. But that’s just me. See now why my Top lists don’t feature more than 2 or 3 great distros. Personal experience of failing in many Linuxes since 2013 made my Top list shrink and consolidate steadily until it was trimmed down to its current state.

Anyhoo, Karmi has 5 distros in his Top 10 list. So be it! I wanted to tell you guys something different in this blog entry, only using Karmi’s list as a universal example about how Linux works and how individual it is for every user.

A educated look into Karmi’s list shows us 4 or 5 Ubuntu forks and one Puppy Linux fork. Of course all with different user interfaces and varying use cases. Karmi’s an Ubuntu man. Nothing wrong with that.

Now let’s check Orca’s Top 3 Linux distros. I don’t even need to copypasta a graphics, I know myself what I like most, and deem the best, thankyouverymuch:#

# Linux Mint

# Arch Linux

That’s it. Yes, really. I could make a list with my top 6, even top 10, since I’m a decimal system freak; but what for? I wouldn’t recommend any distros, outside of these two, for anybody.

Mint for everybody, Arch for weirdos. Don’t need anything else. Once you’re good with the intricacies of ArchLinux you’ll know yourself what to do and surely won’t need any Top lists anymore. Least of all from an opinionated but clueless loudmouth like Orca.

So. Now you’ve seen the Top lists of two Linux users. Couldn’t be more different if they tried.

How come?


Because, as I told you, Linux means different things for different people. Easy as that. Explanation finished, kthxbai. 😉

No, in all earnesty now, Linux ain’t Windows or MacOS, it’s more versatile and used for many many different purposes. Even if we reduce our view at the normal, everyday desktop operating system. If you decide for Linux you already get at it with a different mindset than the usual Windows sheeple. You’re looking for different things in your OS. Be that ease of use, experimentation, programming, freedom, less risk of viruses and malware, whatever.

And for all those cases some distros are more or less better suited than others. Same with the Linux distro reviewers, on YouTube or in the blogosphere. We all want something different, our expectations differ as vastly as our personality traits.

That’s why Karmi, with his long experience, made a pretty colourful list with distros from all over the usage spectrum and different stages of geekyness, but still mostly from the same family. While Orca, young and loudmouth punk, went for one super easy and lazy, and one a bit freaky but still cozy, fashion trend Linux distros.

Now, my dearios, now it’s on you to make up your mind and decide for yourself what kind of person you are, and what kind of beast your soon-to-be Linux OS is supposed to be.

But see? There is one distro you can find in both lists, Karmi’s and Orca’s … and pretty much at the top of DistroWatch’s chart as well: Linux Mint. Tadaah! 🙂


Come on, be honest now: Most of us are like the Mint kid in the graphic, right?

Now take Mint and shut up! 😮


One comment

  1. Linux is a ‘Toy’ OS when it comes to desktops/laptops … and since it is also primarily a ‘Keyboard’ OS, it doesn’t even offer many options for the basic scroll mouse (e.g. few options in settings & no simple Auto Scroll). Hard to fill even a Top 10 list, unless one wants to add other ‘Specialty’ OSes like “Portable & Rescue” or “Portable & Privacy” and/or such. With a desktop/laptop user base of 2%+- for decades, its no secret that Linux isn’t much more than a cute ‘Barbie Toy’ OS. Chrome OS is much newer, but has more desktop/laptop users than all Linux Distros combined. There are many many many many *MANY* reasons why Linux desktop/laptop usage stays stuck at around 2% of the total desktop/laptop usage share.

    For me personally, other than Ubuntu LTS Distros & Puppy/BionicPup, Linux has been a disappointment since at least 1996; however, no year was more disappointing than 2019.

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