America is the shining city upon a hill, no?

Fortunately for the poor rest of the world we have America, the rolemodel for stability and properous democracy. Imagine some meaniepooface barbarians would storm the holy halls of the most democratic democracy money can buy and create a ruckus. 😮



  1. Sooo… word is that these gun nuts have been holding this rally every year for quite awhile. For some ccx reason, it attracted extra attention this year. Possibly due to planned counter protests, possibly due to “underground” plans for violence, possibly due to more modern nazis planning to attend. Probably all 3.

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    • Gun nazis, ccx undeground nazis and modern nazis?
      Democracy is great isn’t it? You got the phreedum of choice between 3 different sorts of … nazis!

      BTW, what is ccx? I rather chose between 3 different Linux distros. 🙂


        • “my phone”
          … 3 … 2 … 1 …
          /me’s brain assplodes!

          Jeez! Peepelz, how often do I need to tell you to use the right tools for any job?
          Using a telephone to do a computer’s job … REALLY? I mean, really???


          To say it with my parents: “I’m not angry at you. Just very very disappointed.” 😦


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