Can’t Find Illegal Baby Yoda Merch?

“the baby” on Etsy

Try the more ambiguous term “baby child” in order to find your personal plushie.

“Baby Alien Plush Doll” on Etsy

Awwww, so cute, so green, so plucky, so bishie. I want one!!!

“The Child Dice Bag” on Etsy

Who needs the original, sanctioned and licensed products by Disney’s puppet masters when you can also get some clumsily handcrafted amateur stuff, carefully cobbled together by three blind grannies with a hot needle, for the same amount of money?

Aaaand of course there are roundabout 100 million quadrillion BYs also available from the Second Life Marketplace. Sometimes you just gotta love SL’s silly residents for their wild imagination and 3D modeling skills:
For example a following companion BY in his crib for only 200 L$
BY as avatar to wear
E-mesh: Baby Yoda in Bassinet (to wear)
Another companion
Christmas Baby Yoda  statue
Xmas Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Headband
BY antlers
Baby Yoda Santa Hat
BY Santa hat
backpack baby yoda boxed
BY backpack

So enough toys for all of us to keep us busy while we’re waiting for season 2 of The Mandalorian. For example when you explore SL’s probably oldest SW-inspired star base, Mos Ainsley, off the north-easterly coast of Jeogeot.
Mos Ainsley in SL worldmap. See how close the new LL Homes continent, Belliseria, has expanded up to the mainland continent of Jeogeot?

Anyhoo, we just lurve that little green fukka, don’t we?

Audience reaction is priceless 😮


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