Mark Greaves R.I.P.

Moarnin’ peepels,

okay, let me get this out: I never knew a person named Mark Greaves even existed, only learned of his demise in connection with Tom’s latest video about Peppermint Linux. And how I stand to that particular distro I never made a secret about, no?

I mean first there was grandpa Debian, super duper stable and un-kaputtable but clunky and geeky and unfriendly af. From Debian sprang revolutionary Ubuntu which made Linux graspable for normal human beings. From Ubuntu came Mint, which made Ubuntu even better in so many details. And from Mint stems Peppermint, a kinda Chrome-ified version for people who compute 100% online.

Of course you can see why Orca don’t like that shit at all: She doesn’t wanna spill her data all over the cloud but prefers to keep it all local. I mean if Peppermint was a good useful idea you can bet your funky ass, Clem and the Minty gang would’ve come up with a version of their own already. You know, these are some clever cookies!

So let’s see how Tom thinks about Peppermints latest version:

MarkGreavesI’m very sorry about Mark’s death, and my condolences to his family and team. Still not gonna use his – surely fine – distro. It’s one fork too far! At least for my untekky and simple mind it is. And completely useless, filling a void that doesn’t even appeal for most users me personally. :/ Don’t even wanna know what even more radical diversity-critic Karmi thinks about nonsense distros like Peppamint. :/




  1. 🙂 Hi, Orca. What is your reason for referring to Peppermint OS as, “A nonsense distro?”

    I think that Peppermint OS has its place among Linux users. It is ideal for hardware that has low specs.

    I used it in the past and it worked wonderfully.

    English Bob (a British Youtuber) was the person who brought this distribution of Linux to my attention a few years ago.

    I will admit, that it is nothing compared to our beloved Arch Linux.

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    • Yes, I know English Bob – real name: Steve – and his always changing taste in distros and radical mood swings well. When he found Peppermint I’d already had it dismissed for a while. It was not easy to install back then and I didn’t have a use for online-centric OSes anyway. And the DE, was it Xfce or some other “lightweight over convenience” desktop, wasn’t up to my pampered taste at all.
      Don’t get me wrong, Xfce is easy the 3rd best desktop (actually 4th best but KDE/Plasma is not for me), but why settle for third in Linux where the über bestest is as easily to obtain as the third or twentiest best?

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