Boring Desktop … and Other Things


I just realized how utterly boring and bland my recent wallpaper is. :/


But that doesn’t matter much since the slogan is very very true. And this here penguin is riding on something very very nice indeed, my Archman Linux with Mate desktop. It’s not as luxurious and full of extra cuddly stuff like Namib GNU/Linux … but basic bitch Orca likes that even more.

Apropos Namib: Hubby sits on a failed update, since days and days … and every day, with each new attempted update the number of failing to install files becomes bigger and biggerer. Surefire way to identify a failing system is the cascading number of failing little things … until one fine day the whole caboodle and its granny explodes and goes up in flames! 😮

Update fail. 😮

Research in Namib forum … crickets. 😐

So right now he’s doing a backup of all his files. You get a hunch why, ya? Mhm, exactly, he’s waving babai to Namib (we remember I told you about he dangers of one-man dev teams) and gonna install this:


Ladies and gentlefreaks, I present to you feren OS. In its newest disguise it’s based on Ubuntu and sports a KDE desktop, Plasma whatever blah version. Screenshot is off Gaga, on which I installed a version for testing. Hubby had a thorough 30 seconds testylooky at it and decided to install that shit for realz on his production machine.

Well, it’s a crying shame to see him leaving the Arch elite force and crawl back to Buntu. But he’s a KDE freak by heart and feren is the only OS with a KDE version he can work with. So good riddance to him … traitor. =^.^=



    • IKR? Makes ones hairs stand up and sends shivers down ones spine. The same happens to many ppl when they meet Orca. 😉
      No honestly, hubby likes feren since it reminds him on his old favourite Kubuntu … in so far as the scroll bar on the right side is easier for him to use. Nice and chunky and he can scroll by just pressing on the arrow boxes on top and bottom of the bar. This ain’t possible in Plasma 5 themes anymore.
      First world problem? Not if you suffer from MS and have limited motion of your hands. :/


    • Why o why? Just because it’s the bestest Ubuntu? It’s still an Ubuntu, and we don’t particularly like that, do we? Listen to the wise Trappy, Ubuntu causes allergic reactions with her. And that, my dear Neil, in the depths of a Norwegian winter when all other biological allergens are burried under meters of snow and icey shit.
      Ok, you may give it a go. I did too, as did everybody else. But don’t get caught up in its intricacies and limitations. 😮


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