Casting Call for Future Second Life Movie Stars!!!

Did you fall in love in Second Life? Couples that met in SL, please reach out to Draxtor at to be featured in our Love Made in SL series. We want to hear your story!

Can real people find love in a virtual world? Hear from people who met and fell in love in Second Life. Watch our Love Made in Second Life Playlist:…

Video production: Draxtor Despres

Love Made in Second Life logo: Marianne McCann

Draxtor’s at it again. Dunno if commisioned by LL or on his own devices, but here’s your chance to share your SL/RL love with the whole world! And become rich and famous as a side effect. 😉




    • Teehee, yes 😉
      Or respectively his overlords at The Lab are trying to push some SL/RL agenda again and turn SL into a home for the elderly once and for all.They are suspicious of adult stuff and content (because save the poor little babies) but they love adults to pay their fees … while treating us like children.


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