USA = Rogue Nation! :(

Sorry, Americans, for bursting your bubble. Look:

Turns out your’re not the good guys you always thought you were, haven’t actually been in a loooong time, say since 1945 … at least. In fact the US is acting more and more like the mafia, ignoring international law, leaving death and destruction left and right and turning allies into enemies.




  1. I was under no illusion. Didn’t realize how bad it was till dotard made it 1,000x worse… or at least more blatant.
    I’m still trying to understand where our government gets off refusing to leave Iraq. WTF??

    I wouldn’t have known anything about the behind the scenes war prevention by… Sweden? Switzerland? Other?… if you hadn’t posted it. I think the source was WSJ but I didn’t see/hear anything about it here.

    And while on the topic of politics, I haaaate that no one under 70 has any real chance of being the next prez. We need someone who, planet willing, has a chance of living more than 20yrs and makes long range decisions!

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    • “refusing to leave Iraq. WTF??”
      Stay in Iraq = more control over the region, and threaten Iran. Be close to the oil. Also profit!

      Yes, Switzerland, a country as tiny as it is richy rich with all their banks n cheese n watches n shit. They are pretty good and trustworthy as they are secretive, so they always make a good middleman.

      “makes long range decisions!”
      No politician, no matter if 20, 40, 50 or 90 years old will ever make any plans that reach further than the next election. In no country. Nowadays it’s not about govern a country good and wise but all about personal profle and looking good and sexy for the voters.

      Win the election first. Make politics later.


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