News About Royals

Arrrgs, you know all the VIP and royality yellow press rumours and scandals ain’t really Orca’s world. I usually ignore all that shit. And I’m true to my principle! Mhm, yes, I am. Just linking to a post by Hamlet’s NWN here, so stfu!

Royal VIPs looking at artificial art.

Ok now, can we please forget about this stupid little outing by a famous couple, who abandoned their royal duties – but not the royal remuneration – in order to spend their lifes in spoiled privacy without any duties and responsibilities?

Good on them, they’re doing exactly like Orca and hubby. Only with a tiny bit more cash. :/

And, hey, did you see the SL photos they were looking at? Nothing special, right? Did you see any amazing photoshop or GIMP work, awesome windlight settings, extraordinarily shot compositions? No, eh? Me neither.


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