Fake Reasons Given To Create War With Iran

Watch Lee Camp telling you the truthiness about the cowardish assasination of General Soleimani:

General Soleimani’s assassination had ulterior motives. It also proves how little the President and his neocon pals care about the lives of Americans or anyone except themselves really.


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Ugh, fukn left-leaning Orca with her liberal communist shit!

Yeah, that’s about right. About. In reality I’m not left-leaning, I am proper Left! Not a stinkin’ Commie or a weak liberal tho. And guess what: The topic on hand has nothing to do with Left vs Right, progressive vs conservative and any of that daily political business. We deal with that later. But first we – as in We All – gotta save the world from looming global catastrophe!

In the case of the Soleimani contract killing every American of every colour, every creed and every political affiliation has the moral, duty to stand up against their Commander and Chief, his cronies, both your parties … and tell force them to fukin STOP! Those assholes are not only wasting your tax dollars but they are playing with your very lifes! šŸ˜® And those of your kidz and loved ones.



  1. “Fake Reasons” … yeah, right. Anyway, the Trump Doctrine is proving to be incredibly successful, as the world now witnesses the Iranian Terrorist supporting Anti-Jew regime literately rolling over like a dog that has been bad. This same Iranian Terrorist supporting Anti-Jew regime in an attempt to not anger America any further – whilst also attempting to save face – notified America that they were going to fire some missiles at two bases…i.e. notified the American’s “3 hours” in advance. Then this former ‘tough talking’ Terrorist sponsoring Anti-Jew regime shot down a passenger plane leaving Tehran airport which included “dozens of Iranians” – and then this same regime lied about at first.

    A majority of Americans support the Trump Doctrine…


    • “ā€œFake Reasonsā€ ā€¦ yeah, right. Anyway, the Trump Doctrine is proving to be incredibly successful *snip* A majority of Americans support the Trump Doctrineā€¦”

      Ok, for the whole world this reads like “Fuk the truth,we Americans support lying and cheating bullies.”

      The rest of your post was just unproven assumptions and straight-out lies and confusion of terms. Being against Israel’s brutal, illegal mass-murdering warfare doesn’t mean anybody is anti-Jew. Heck, most Jews in the world have no sympathy for Israel’s genocide on the Palestinians. And the only country openly supporting their shit is – who else – the fuxxn USA! For reasons well-known and nothing to do with religion.

      And whom are you calling a terrorist? An official general of the Iranian forces?

      And the plane? As far as we know it was some misguided dumbasses out for retaliation but shooting down a friendly plane. And the first arrests have been made already.

      Hey, we all know you want the oil. You may as well stop inventing new propaganda stories and say it straight. And leave the UN and found your own rogue league. Go on a crusade. If a majority of Americans supports the Trump doctrine they don’t deserve better solutions, a better president, better civil rights or better anything.

      “A majority of Americans support the Trump Doctrineā€¦”
      So what?


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