You Know You Want One! *EDIT*

A Baby Yoda!

Between itty bitty 1″ and kinda lifesize 11″ versions, and in diverse quality and material options. Doesn’t matter. Baby Yoda is 2020’s MUST HAVE accessoire for every Star Wars wannabe mother figure.

<o.o> Look: My personal try of a Baby Yoda, handmade on my keyboard. Buy it from Flotta enterprises intl for the lowlow price of only 100 L$. <o.o>

But wait, there’s more:

What is it with Baby Yoda, what makes this sideshow figure (we can’t even say character, can we?) such a phenomenon? Is he the saviour of the whole franchise, “a new hope” maybe? A silly little plush and plastic puppet with seriously limited range of motion and no dialogue? Does he woke the fandom’s creative juices, did he inspire us to invent all kinds of shit, make videos, write songs, knit little puppets?

I guess The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda are exactly the sort of characters the audiences have waited for since … forever. Mary Sue Rey, ghetto bru Finn, maniac Kylo Ren, admiral gender studies? Naaaw, they stupid, we need figures with some grit and dirt under the nails. And that’s why the universe needs and loves <o.o> Baby Yoda! <o.o>



    • You! And about every other kid who’s ever heard of Star Wars. This stinkin stupid bratty little plush toy, reminds us a bit on baby Groot and is a genius marketing trick, far outweighing Disney’s major fukups with the movie trilogy. No. Not really. But he’s trying to.
      And, even better, contrary to Groot, Baby Yoda is a real haptic prop you can cuddle to death, not a CGI creature.
      Hah! Just found a direct duel of the babies. YouTube is such a treasure chest:

      But all in all baby Groot had more laughs:

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