The Australian Fires

This is an important post from SL to RL. Isabelle Cheren talks about the Australian wildfires. To my American readers, this ain’t the small European country with the mountains but the flat one in the southern hemisphere of our planet. It’s burning and the firefighters are not getting paid and … ugh, just lookywatchy Isabelle’s blog and the accompanying video!


Isabelle Cheren

The video says it all. Plus I at least give you beautiful scenery while visiting the Isles of Scotland.

I’m asking you all to think about what you can spare and DONATE.

The links are below. It doesn’t matter how much you donate, remember even £1 or $1 can make a difference.

You are helping many thousands of people displaced and homeless, animals and firemen who are volunteers. We don’t know how long this will go on so its a huge moment in history of Australia and its important to come together and just help fellow human beings and animals.

One of the major and easier ways to donate is via facebook and it is on Celeste Barbers page dedicated to this and this amazing lady has raised so much and keeps doing it.

Be wary of different places/people saying they’re raising money for this. Always go via the well…

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