Overly Optimistic

Just because Win 7 is dead or dying, doesn’t mean that all the surviving long-term Win7 fans having the hots for Linux. If they were, they’d be on Linux since years. Like Orca did as well. She didn’t even wait for Win 8, 8.1 and 10 to apppear on the scene, she swapped much earlier and on her own terms.

Still, Win7 users aren’t the only ones that should change their OS and join the Linux revolution. All you Win10 drones should run to Linux!!! And for them the following article is valid all the same. Here goes:

And they even tell you WHY!

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes about why you must switch to Linux and what you can expect and which software can replace your Windows stuff, if you need compability. And he knows more about all that shit than Orca, who’s never used Microsoft software in her life.

Umm, no, I didn’t read the article completely and didn’t understand much of the stuff I read. But, hey, this ain’t about me. I am already on Linux and know how to get the results I need with the FOSS programs I got. The ZDNet article wasn’t written for me but FOR YOU!

So fukn read!!!

And then become busy.


  1. Ugh! :/
    RHEL and her daughter, Fedora, are too American for me, not luxurious enough, and I always had problems installing them. And nowadays they are on Gnome Shell, right? Inacceptable! 😦

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    • Yeah. That’s why I would never use that distribution. Back then, it had GNOME 2. Which is what MATE forked. When Fedora switched to GNOME 3, I had to use Shell Extensions to be able to see the desktop like I used to. The same happened when I used Mageia. After a hiatus from using computers, because mine had died, I installed Linux Mint Debian Edition in my wife’s Acer Aspire laptop. That’s what I posted in my blog, and what you read.

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