Adorable Lennies

Hmmm, maybe not made for the housewife Linux testing hobbyists but kinda super nifty! Here, have a peek:

So cute, so expensive. 😼

Hey, I wouldn’t show you this if I wasn’t 110% convinced they’d make a super everyday computing machine. And more. Because they are! Butt with an advised price of slightly over 1000 woolongs they might be a bit out of everyone’s price range.

But, hey again, these things will end up in countless outlet centers of leasing companies for dirtcheap, sooner rather than later. So keep your eyes peeled for a Lenny Nano! Really, you should.

Too lazy to read article? Video coming right up:

Maybe a tad wider but also flatter and less deep than Orca’s MiniLennies, and also lighter but even more powerfullerer. Aaaand with an adorable RED bottomplate! Wouldn’t that be something for you?


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