Xmas is Definately Over

So back to reasonable wallpapers:



But, oh, that reminds me maybe I should be a good conventional blogger babe and dare a little preview into the future of this blog and what my plans for it are:

Nothing, really. πŸ˜‰

As the more aware of you guys might have noticed this blog saw less and less inworld SL reports and stories. That’s a crying shame. Particularly as this blog started out as a 100% Sailing inΒ  SL blog and then over the years I lost interest … in virtual sailing and virtual living as well. But I promise to bring youΒ  more Second Life content as soon as my main rig, the mighty MiniMax, is back in action. Gaga and particularly GagaMore are nifty little computers but not the graphical powerhouses one needs to move vehicles in Second Life and make convincing snapshots of it.

I guess I will only be able to buy a good cheap motherboard, AMD Ryzen processor and fast RAM on our annual trip to Germany. Selection and prices are so much better there. Until then I’m reduced to only spend short amounts of time inworld and photos will be super fugly. 😦 But trust me, my plans to continue my gridwide Grand Tour Sailing Cruise are not canceled, just put on ice for a certain time.

MiniMax (Coolermaster Elite 130)

Another topic I usually blog a lot about, GNU/Linux, is also getting less specific and less content. The whole Linux world right now is in a phase of consolidation, which on one hand is beautiful and practical, on the other hand makes reporting about Linux less and less exciting. Other than telling everybody that you can install and try Linux or even try Linux without installation, and without any risk, there are not many exciting stuffz happening anymore. Linux as a whole is more mature and easyer to operate than Windows and MacOS by now.

Of course I won’t shut up about Linux until I have 99% of you schmucks converted! Manner of honour. ;|

Oh, and I discovered a certain knack for Movie criticism, so you’ll get flooded with more of my Orca @ the Movies reviews in the future as well.


So as you can see there are no big revolutionary things planned for 2020, and your editrix will just go on with her typical daily nonsense.



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